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Short & Long-term Yoga Teachers Training courses

Find your right yoga teachers training courses program to become a yoga instructor and deepen your knowledge and practice in your Yoga path. Our Yoga Alliance certificated long- term studies are individualized programs according to your specific focus with guidance and instruction by Shree Hariji.

Yoga Teachers Training Courses - Yoga Alliance

Course Outline

  • Techniques Training & Practice
  • Teaching Methodology
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Yoga Philosophy & History
  • Practical & Teaching Workshops

Practical Workshops

  • Teaching under teacher’s supervision
  • In pairs, small and big groups
  • Practical exam of teaching
  • Feedback
  • Drop-in classes teaching
  • volunteering possible after your YTTC

Daily Schedule in the Yoga teacher training courses

From Monday to Saturday, mostly from 6:30 am to 6:30 pm you will have practical and theoretical classes. The time varies weekly. Saturday you will have only half day classes and Sundays are your days off. Use this time to relax, study and enjoy your surrounding. If you want an example schedule from our last Yoga teacher training please email us to

Karma Yoga, a selfless service for everyone

In the Weekdays you will be engaged in doing karma yoga voluntarily. This will be a short time before your class or after in your free time during the teacher training. Karma Yoga, the Yoga of selfless action, will help you to learn and practice yoga holistically

Check-in & Check-out

Please feel free to check-in any time from 10 am. The day is dedicated for you to settle in. We will hold an introduction and orientation opening ceremony for your information, followed by a welcome dinner from 5:30 pm onwards. On the last day, we will hold a closing ceremony before your departure, where you will get your certificates. You get time to prepare everything for your return home or further journey. We welcome any feedback at the end. Check-out time is 1 pm, but you may join activities throughout the day as desired. We will hold your belongings safely.


What should you leave behind, what you should pack and what to buy on location?

When signing up for a yoga teacher training in India, deciding what to pack and take with you on this life-changing journey is a question we know you are concern about. We will give you some ideas what should you pack to travel to India and what you need in our YTTC or Yoga retreat.My biggest tip would be that you pack light, Really! You can buy almost everything you need here in some form or another.

But, if you feel like packing your backpack full of stuff, here are my most important items:

In India, there is a very different culture as compared to the west and it is important to obey and respect this culture. Modesty is a priority to ensure that you are covered up at all times, think more about longer trousers, nothing too low cut. Dependent also what time or season you come. Check the climate before you come. In Dharamshala, it can be really cold sometimes in the morning and evening.

For your opening havan (fire ceremony) you will need white clothes. If you get no time to buy in your YTTC or retreat location, better you bring it with you.

I always carry a very light scarf for me to cover up in busy or religious areas or for visiting a temple. For Goa and Gokarna you don’t need a towel to carry. But in Dharamshala bring a little towel if you reach late, otherwise, buy it near your place! There are many great Indian cotton towels, which are very cheap and lightweight.

However, when deciding what to pack from your wardrobe, I would suggest bringing only the essentials with you as within a matter of hours you will want to have purchased a pair of “Indian Pants” or a Kurta (shirt style long top with matching scarf). As far as yoga gear goes, you can pick up some fairly cheap baggies but I would recommend bringing two good pairs of leggings and supportive tops. High-end brands are not as easily available, as with the quality, so if you have a favourite style, bring that with you. But remember that in India, most washing is done by hand, so don’t pack anything uber-expensive as it may not survive the hand wash!

When practising yoga at our yoga school, your teacher will mostly advise the class how covered up you should be. The level of your clothing may not matter much inside the yoga hall if it’s really warm, but just remember to cover yourself properly before you leave the Yoga Shala respect towards the staff and locals that may be around.

Carrying a yoga mat can be a bit difficult especially when flying. That’s why we offer you in our YTTC your own yoga mat. Otherwise, in Dharamshala, Gokarna, and Goa, where yoga schools and retreats are in abundance, you can usually pick up a good yoga mat for a couple of Indian rupees. However, if you prefer to balance on your mat with a conscience and opt for the eco-friendly variety, I advise you bring one from home. There are many shops that sell wonderful yoga accessories such as mat bags (always buy a side opening one with a pocket) alongside straps and blocks.

Indian hospitality is very friendly; however, the standards are just not the same as the West, to ensure that you have an open mind and are up for the ride. Trust me, you will enjoy it and it will change you as a person. But do not arrive with any preconceptions; just be open to all new experiences.

When attaining a yoga teacher training you will meet many other people. Beginning with the staff at the school, your yoga teachers and your peers; all will have different expectations and experiences. Embrace them and learn from them.

Yoga Teachers Training Reviews



I did the 100h YTTC in Dharamsala and loved it. Amazing teachers, inspiring and very resourceful, open to questions and feedback at all times. The greatest and nicest staff ever, super-polite and so attentive. Food was delicious (thank you Charles), rooms were OK, activities, contents of the course, school material and resources also. Loved the fire puja at the beginning.
Namaste and thank you for this very good course. Will come back for more, maybe to Gokarna next time?


I did my Yoga teacher training course with Yoga Yugas in Gokarna in February this year and I must say it was a truly wonderful and life-changing experience. I was really impressed by the passion and knowledge of the teachers. Each of the teachers had their unique style and art of teaching. There was time to interact on an individual level as well, which I really liked. And not to forget the beautiful location in Gokarna right at the beach. I’m very happy with my decision to do the course with Yoga Yugas and would happily recommend to anyone who is looking for a TTC in India!

Vinay R

Had a very great time here & Hariji is one the best Yoga Teacher I have ever met I should say once you should visit awesome experience . Under the guidance of Hariji there are many Asanas which I am able to practice. They have well experienced teachers. One class will give all the answers to satisfaction level.


This is one of the best yoga school near goa. Hariji is best ashtanga teacher around Goa. If you are looking for a peaceful yoga vacation, I must say you should visit Yoga Yugas at kudle beach near goa.


I loved the classes with Hariji especially his Ashtanga classes. Its full power. He is my best Yoga Teacher as of now. 😀


Thank you Hari
I thank myself also for choosing Yoga Yugas for this wounderful experience of yoga. Professional and profounde experience that i had here, so beautiful nautre around and great flexible teachers here – in body and in mind 😉
Just perfect joy for my journey. And will remember it for my life time :)))


Namaste everybody.

I’ve completed my YTTC with Hari and the team, now i’m teaching yoga in my country and around the world. I’m very thankfull to the multistyle yoga because it gives you tools in many different kind of Yoga such as Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin yoga, Pranayama, Mantra, Meditation.

The atmosphere was of good sadhana but in a happy and family mood, the kitchen guys they are very funny and best cooks. Always some crazy yogui teacher its coming and giving us a surprise of knowledge. The most of teacher they have a Indian clasic education in yoga what gives the true essence in the practice.

I’m very greatfull to my teachers and specially to Hari for give the opportunity to have a true experience on Yoga. I highly recommend this school to everybody.




I did the YTT training course in Gokarna with hari and his school. It was such an incredible experience for me. The whole teaching team were so supportive and enthusiastic. It was clear that everyone was very passionate about what they are doing.

It was one of the only YTT course in India that I found that was Mutli-style and offered so much teaching practice. You leave the course with skills as well as knowledge. And honestly I couldn’t have asked for me.

Also, the location is phenomenal. Gokarna really is such an incredible place to have the good fortune to visit!!

Thanks to everyone on the team!



I would like to warmly recommend Yoga Yugas, for drop in classes and teacher training.

I have met a lot of yoga teachers around the world in the last decade, and Hari is really exceptional teacher and an inspiring person.

The teaching quality is great, and in one month they transform you from a good practitioner to a really good teacher.

I strongly recommend to apply for the 200 YTTC only if you have sufficient yoga experience (at least 1-2 years). Some of the participants in my class were beginners, and the course was too much for them (you can read an average review of one of them above).

Overall an amazing experience. Thank you Hari

Sharona M

Greet enregy . Greet teacher . Make you want to do yoga all the day ! Very Recomend! I learn alot and very enjoy.


The team of Yoga Yugas is very nice and experianced Yoga teacher. Morning classes are proper structured and also you will learn everything what is important of Pranayama, meditation, philosophy and anatomy etc. … In 200h, 4 weeks, you will change so much, not only that the body through different asana (postures) improve, also you can learn so much about real indian culture and your mind becomes much stronger. Of course it will be challanging, but that is good, only through that we will learn about us. You need to know also proper english, otherwhise it will be difficult to study nicely. All in all, if you don`t want a wellness holiday, but a proper yoga school, this school is very good!

Viviana H

Hari is a very skilled teacher. I went to 10 classes and each class was different from the other. He has a infinite amount of excercises and goes around the class from pupil to pupil ensuring they are doing it correctly. It was a real pleasure and I cant wait to go back again next year.


Hari is very skillfull teacher with an amazing insight about human body, also about the subtle body, and he has the potential to show you what yoga really is and to change your life. I can warmly recommend.


Thank you so much for this great time together. The 200h YTT was really an awesome experience. The teachers were all really authentic, helpful and funny and I really learned a lot from them. I signed in for this course to deepen my own practice, learn more about the philosophy of yoga and to learn how to teach students. And I have to say, that Yoga Yugas really fulfilled all my expectations. The atmosphere was lovely and very light. We were a small group of 7 woman, which I really liked. This teacher training is a very holistic course and we covered all aspects of Yoga, such as the practical exercise, meditation, mantra chanting, the art of teaching, anatomy/physiology, philosophy and different workshops. As a multistyle school we had classical Hatha classes as well as Ashtanga and also Iyengar. Ashtanga was for me quite new, but I really started to love it during the course, because it really gives me focus and quietness of mind. Of course it is an intense course and everybody may get to his/her limit, but that makes it also a very changing experience. You discover sides of yourself you maybe didn’t know before. And at the end of the course everybody had a big smile on the face. 🙂
I would definitely recommend Yoga Yugas School for everybody looking for a deep insight of yoga, wanting to deepen the personal practice or to become a yoga teacher.



Jeff M

Yoga Yugas School in Gokarna is a wonderfull place to learn Yoga. Hari is a very good teacher and help you to bring you to a next level Yoga practise. I highly recommand this school. Hari OM

Jenny L

I spent a wonderful 28 days at the dharamshala yoga school park taking in the 200 hr yttc. We had a relatively small class with 7 girls who came with great attitude. The school teaches multi style yoga, with very nice Hatha practice to begin the day, and slowing implementing Yin Yoga and Iyengar through out the month. The main focus I would say is Ashtanga. Most of the girls have not done or very little experience in Ashtanga, but we all left with a good confident in series one poses ( mostly haha) and a routine after graduation to bring back home for everyday practice. To my surprise,I was able to get more flexible than ever within a very short time. Hari and Akira were great teachers and I was very lucky to have them.

gaurav d

They have well trained instructors and have a very big yoga family. Hari Ji is the lead trainer and master in Ashtanga and Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga. This school also provides Teacher Training certification courses of 200 hours and 500 hours which is affiliated with Yoga Alliance USA


Hari’s positive energy and good skills makes you enjoy his classes. He makes you experience that yoga is a never ending journey, and makes you try and elaborate challenging poses or hand balances in a playful manner. I would definitely want to come back for more!


I studied with five different yoga teachers in India and Harry was the best. Teacher with professional knowledge smile human and energetic one,supporter and creative teacher who adapted me the right the exercises according to my abilities.
. Strongly recommend taking private lessons or as part of a small group.jacob. israel.


I’ve been training with Hari for the past month and have been feeling wonderful! He is a great teacher and an amazing person! I highly reccomend him!


Me and my boyfriend recently traveled to India and whilst we were there we kept hearing about this amazing yoga teacher from lots of people that we met in the area… so we decided to give it a go 🙂 we had both done a bit of yoga before but not loads. As soon as we arrived Hari was wonderful! He was so friendly and unintimadating, it didnt matter whether we had never done yoga before or if we were pro’s. Hari was inspiring to all! He would explain the positions clearly and would always have time to help us individually if needed. We always left the class feeling invigorated and ready for the day ahead 🙂 He talked to us about our own needs (My boyfriend had an injury) and what we wanted to get out of the class; teaching each of us with empathy and knowledge. We enjoyed Hari’s yoga lessons so much that for the duration of our stay we would get up every morning and walk an hour to his class! He always brightened up our day with his smile and genuine nature (and his unquenchible joy for yoga) and before long he had taught us things that we thought we would never be able to do! To this day we have never found such a great teacher (and we have tried quite a few since our return to England). If you are ever looking for a great yoga teacher then look no further than Hari! I cannot recommend him enough! If you are still unsure, just try out one of his classes for yourself and before long I am sure you to will be happy that you did 🙂

Catherine D

It was a great session with hari ji. He is a very good yoga teacher. I recommend his yoga classes to all age groups as he is skill in his profession. Waiting for classes in Dharamshala

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